Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I'm tackling the easy "Ask a Filipino" questions first. (Not to worry Laura, Arthur & Steve - I've been asking around for your questions but I have to get what I've heard straight first!)

So - no more bathrooms broken! I'm so proud. Although Cheryl your question really should have been "Have you become such a kareoke fan in the Philippines that you can sing a Toto song in front of strangers with feeling and heart?" To which the answer would be "Yes, but I can't promise the key is right" ;)

And Emily I think vegetarian here actually does mean you don't eat pork (although a lot of the vegetable dishes have pork or beef in them). Apparently vegetarian means you eat fish though. Or, you can be considered a vegetarian if you ask about vegetarianism while eating a chicken dish. Found that out at lunch today :D

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