Friday, July 07, 2006

Filipino fruits, Part 1

So on one of the trips to our Iloilo fruit lady Martin & I noticed a strange, scaly-looking fruit. She told us it was ‘atis’ and we bought a couple.

Eating some on the way back to the hotel we were amazed – this is some seriously good fruit. We decided it tasted a bit like very ripe watermelon, only much more addictive. And thus was the nickname ‘crack melon’ born.

Mmmm, crack melon.

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Erin said...

hey, i know that fruit! i had it in china, and i've been searching for it in canada ever since i got back without knowing what the name of it is! with no luck, i might add. AND NOW YOU HAVE IT AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED! glory hallelujah, my searching has come to a close. write down the name in any language you can find out! i will reunite with the fruit of my dreams! :)