Saturday, June 17, 2006

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Ben, the EWB Waterloo volunteer in Ghana for the summer has had an awesome idea. He's posted an "Ask a Ghanaian" section to his blog! Stroke of genius! It can be hard for overseas volunteers to share our experiences in a way that inspires people in Canada or makes them feel connected to the people EWB works with overseas. One of the most important experiences we get as volunteers is the chance to talk to and learn from people here. So this is a way for you to share in that experience. It's also a way for you to help me - sometimes I wonder if I'm asking the right questions here, or thinking about everything I could be, so it will be great to get your input!

So welcome to "Ask a Filipino!" Post a question and I'll ask my set-up partner, my host family, or someone I'm working with, then post the answers back. (And head over to to ask a question of a Ghanaian)


Laura said...

Hey Megan!

Even thought it's a stolen one, I still love the idea of "Ask a Filipino." :)

I have a question for you: Are there any different feelings from the OSY towards the SCALA project now that it is to be run entirely by the local government? Does it have greater value for the OSY or do they still perceive it as part of the "international development industry"? Was it ever perceived as a part of the "international development industry"?

So, I guess that's actually 3 questions...

I'm excited to hear about your durian experiences in Koronadal!

Take care and keep the updates coming, I love hearing about your experiences and thoughts on development in the Philippines!

Cheers, Laura

confusethegoose said...

Hey Megan, this is a very important question:

Do Filipinos consider small amounts of pork to be vegetarian?


cheryl said...

Hey Megan,

I love the blogs so far. My question is a simple but important one:

Have you broken anymore Filipino bathrooms yet?

-Cheryl ;)

Arthur said...


Megs, heres a question for ya.

Q: What are Filipino's view of the western world and as a country, I believe, as on the border between developed and developing, how optimistic are they of their future prosperity.

I know its a very broad question, but I've always been curious. Cause the Philippines doesnt get too much international news coverage as compared to others.

Stephen Young said...

short and sweet:
How large is the development sector in the Philippines?

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