Sunday, June 04, 2006

Behold the Filipino tricycle! Wonder at its bright colours! Rejoice in its ubiquity! Warm to its endearing tin can nature! Marvel at the fact it can hold at least 9 adults! (Although, for the record, I like the Manila tricycles, which look much more like side cars, better than this Ormoc one. Even though they only hold 6 people.)


Laura said...

Megan! It is so great to hear from you!!
Hope you haven't gotten too sunburnt yet... and I will be toasting you next Tuesday (ie the 13th).
Enjoy yourself!!


Mom said...

Hi Meg- you wouldn't believe how long it took me to find an unused name- not enough imagination. Good to see the new postings.

My question is: Are sports as much an obsession in the Phillipines as in Canada? Is the World Cup a unifying obsession even when people have more pressing concerns?

Of course Canadians were still playing hockey in June- no wonder the rest of the world thinks that we live in the frozen North!