Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It took me 3 tries to spell 'Philippines'

I have a blog! So now the eyes of the internet will focus on me! Because that's the way blogging works, right?

I start training in Toronto on May 6th, and then about a week after that I'll be leaving for the Philippines! I don't know when exactly I'm going (or where, exactly, or what exactly I'll be doing, for that matter), but it's all very exciting. I have half a mind to blog the heck out of this next week - the picking up of prescriptions, the running of errands, the packing, the applying for visas. Then those of you still reading after a week will be rewarded with the good stuff. Sound like a plan?


Jonathan said...

Weeeeee ... first comment! Keep up the blogging and I especially want to hear about picking up perscriptions and applying for visas!

Sarah said...

I get secondprize.. visa applications are fasciating reading. Full of half truths and guesses. I totally can't wait to hear about training.

ps. when do you use the spelling Filipino ? I should know this but have managed to avoid the issue.

Megan said...

Oh good lord. I'm supposed to KNOW that?! Sarah! Packing is making me stressed enough already!

I think it's interchangeable with Philippine? I'll have to ask the other Sarahs ;)

josh said...

Truly scintillating reading... ;) I can't wait for more details on visa applications! Okay.... well maybe I am more eager to learn about your adventures and hear about your challenges... rumour had it that you were going to start blogging in Filipino... I hope things are settling in and that you got the visa worked out.

Arthur said...

I dont believe you're already in the Philippines. NUTTY McNUTTY!!! Have a crazy excellent summer and Ill talk to you when we attempt one of those international exec meetings a la Josh.
- Ar